Tuesday 1 December 2009

Ideas, Sex and Comedy

Iain Banks banks on banks.

Val McDermid and Lindsey Davis on tomorrow's FOUL PLAY with Simon Brett. And for those not in the UK, there's usually a 'Listen Again' option after the show has aired.

The smallest library in Britain - what a great idea. I hope we see more of these, although in Glasgow it would smell of wee and have been taken over by a drunk.

And another idea - this time from the very funny Douglas Lindsay - a Barney Thomson story advent calendar style - "Told in 19 parts and finishing on Christmas Day, BARNEY THOMSON AND THE WESTMINSTER CHRISTMAS MASSACRE tells a heartwarming and festive tale of murder, greed, death, blood and mince pies."

The Indian Express on Ian Rankin's THE COMPLAINTS. Just to warn you, this one probably has an annoying pop-up, so my pop-up blocker tells me.

And more sex please, we're British.


  1. "After a short while, the bedsprings went 'gloing'" I really appreciate that one ;)