Thursday 10 December 2009

If It's Thursday, It Must Be Ian Rankin Day

Ian Rankin suffers from gas. While Alexander McCall Smith has shelving problems.

And talking of Rankin and McCall Smith, you, too, can be their neighbour as a wee pied-a-terre in Writer's Row will become vacant when J K Rowling moves out. Maybe all that gas and banging was too much. And, if you can't afford to move in next door, how about an auction to win a pie and a pint with Ian Rankin in the Oxford Bar? All proceeds to charity. I've said it before and I'll say it again - Ian Rankin is a lovely man. He deserves an award and, as luck would have it, he's just won one. (And an off topic aside, I'm also glad to see that the wonderful Peter Capaldi also won one - Malcolm Tucker is one of the best characters on TV).

Ian Rankin on writing by typewriter, word processor, and hand. Val McDermid and Ian Rankin feature in the Independent's best audio books of 2009 list.

And the Ian Rankin 2010 World Tour.


  1. I used to have a wee pied-a-terre, but it's a bit chilly for that now, especially when your prostate's on the blink. Anyway, I just wanted to say, dear Lady Donna, how much I agree with you about Ian Rankin. I've heard him in interviews a few times, most notably in a pub in Toronto with a Q and A following, and every time he seemed to me the perfect interviewee -- wryly humorous, frank and sincere, informative and, blessedly, totally without side. Lovely chap.

  2. Sir Philip - "a pub in Toronto"? Placedropper :o). Good way to describe him - completely without side. Now...if only I was without front. And back.

  3. My sympathy goes to Ian Rankin, but I could fix AMS´s problem very soon. And if he has some Danish or English books he wants to get rid of, he can just send them my way. :D

  4. Dorte - I'm sure he would think that very helpful!

  5. Let´s hope he realizes that the help is near then ;O