Sunday 20 December 2009

Sleepy, Snowy, Sunny Sunday Summary

Today I started the programming for Crimefest. It's always a bit daunting trying to work out how to fit 70 or so authors onto suitable panels (especially when there are still a couple to be confirmed), but it's great fun. Today I had to do it while my Dad was sitting in the corner with my Sony e-Reader, reading OLD DOGS which was even more daunting, since I worried about why he was not laughing. "I'm smiling...inside," he said. Oh, great. Still, it's good preparation for when my Mum reads it and I have to steel myself for a 'tut' at every swear word. She will sound like Machine Gun Kelly.

Anyway, here is the Sunday Summary.

The fabulous Nerd of Noir reviews Allan Guthrie's Slammer over at BSC Review. While Nathan Cain at Independent Crime calls it his 'book of the year'. The man has taste.

More reviews with the Aberdeen Press and Journal on Frank Muir's HAND FOR A HAND. And Russel McLean gets the approval of Rab C Nesbitt's Mary, Doll.

The always excellent Mystery Readers Journal publishes a selection of 'best crime fiction of 2009' lists.

Catriona McPherson on stately homes and writing. And Laura Wilson reviews THREE WEEKS TO SAY GOODBYE, calling McPherson 'a continuing delight'.

The Irish Herald on the enduring appeal of Sherlock Holmes.

And, finally, one of the Taggart stars and a prank involving a ghost at the home of Robert Louise Stevenson.