Sunday, 21 March 2010

She Flies Through the Air With the Greatest of Ease

First of all, a huge thank you to all those who sponsored me for my death-defying dive across the Clyde. It was today and I survived, despite all pronouncements to the contrary - my caring partner, Ewan, asked the woman who gave me the number to stick on my helmet when I would get my toe tag. How nice. One of the pictures here is a bit fuzzy because it's the official one taken when I was 130 feet up. I don't have a scanner so had to take a photo of a photo. However, it does clearly answer the question "Does my bum look big in this?" with a resounding yes.

We had a great time and the team raised over £2000 for Action For Children. My only moment of fear was when we were going up in the basket, being hoisted 130 feet in the air and I was standing at the edge, next to an open gate in the basket. "Do you think you could shut that?" I said. "Why, are you cold, hen?" said the heartless safety guy. Our team paid the sponsorship for some of the young people helped by one of Action For Children's projects to do the zipslide and I was in the basket with them. I thought that since I was the responsible adult (yes, I know, things are bad when you have to rely on me as the responsible adult) I had better not either swear or cry. I jumped first and managed to do it without sobbing, or clutching the safety guy around the knees. Amanda, who went after me, was really nervous. I forgave Ewan for the toe-tag gag when I saw the video later of her nervous wee face - a video taken by her boyfriend, William. Yes, instead of reassuring and comforting her, he was videoing her as she stood at the edge of the basket, sobbing. After she eventually jumped she started screaming. Our joker of a safety guy turned to William and said "Did you hear what she screamed as she went?" "No, said William, what did she say?" "She said you're never getting your hole ever again, son." You've got to love that Glaswegian humour.

This is going to be a very cinematic week - I have a screenwriting class tomorrow, and also I have to work on a scene from OLD DOGS as somehow I seem to have agreed to workshop a scene at the next Write, Camera, Action - eeeek! Last night we went to see SHUTTER ISLAND. I had a huge, huge problem with the book so I was interested to see whether I found the film any better. It was interesting, and well done, but I still had the big problem I had with the book. Since it's to do with the overall premise, I can't say what it is, but if you've seen the film and/or read the book, do send me an e-mail and let me know what you thought of it.

And on Tuesday I'm going to a premiere of this film which looks like it will be a lot of fun.

Talking of films, here's more on the Irvine Welsh film THE MAGNIFICENT ELEVEN which looks great.

Eurocrime reviews G J Moffat's DAISYCHAIN and Val McDermid's FEVER OF THE BONE.

A very original interview as a virtual reality TV station speaks to the protagonist of Peter May's VIRTUALLY DEAD. And here's a review of the book by Mysterious Reviews.

And, finally, Karen Campbell answers the question as to whether female authors are too gloomy in a debate in The Herald.


  1. Congratulations Donna. I get vertigo in thick socks so just looking at the pics is enough for me!

  2. Wow, well done! You look pretty exhilarated in the photo. It must have been an amazing experience.
    I'm interested to hear how your scene at Write, Camera, Action turns out. It sounds like a great opportunity. I once went to a screenwriting workshop where some actors performed scenes written by a couple of the participants. It was really interesting to see how they interpreted the scripts, and also to get their feedback.

  3. Paul - LOL @ thick socks :o)

    Helen - I shall certainly report on how it goes (it's mid April, so I have plenty of time to panic :o) The first one I went to as an observer was fascinating, so I am happy to just sit back and see where the director and actors take it.

  4. Please Note. Nothing was said to Mum until AFTER the event

  5. Dad - and I very much appreciate that. However, when I told her this morning, I STILL got into trouble!

  6. Donna, Well Done You!!! and wonderful photos too! And Mums are like that, don't want their young ones doing death defying fun charitable things. :-) Bobbie

  7. Bobbie - thank you me dear! And lovely tosee you posting again.