Thursday, 17 June 2010

Crime Fiction at Edinburgh Book Festival

The programme for the Edinburgh International Book Festival is now available.

From an initial look through, the crime fiction related events are as follows:

Saturday 14th August - 18.45 - Lin Anderson and Aline Templeton - Dark mysteries from two of Tartan Noir’s finest

Sunday 15th August - 20.00 - Tess Gerritsen - Taking the thriller genre into chilling territory

Monday 16th August - 11.00 - Writing Workshop - A Web of Characters - with Lin Anderson
Monday 16th August - 14.00 - The Writing Business - with Lin Anderson and Caroline Dunford
Monday 16th August - 18.45 - Alex Gray and G J Moffat - Glasgow is the scene of two tense tales of city crime
Monday 16th August - 20.00 - Iain Banks

Tuesday 17th August - 11.00 - Writing Workshop - Creating A Fictional Series - with Caroline Dunford
Tuesday 17th August - 16.30 - Reggie Nadelson and Ian Rankin - Two crime writers discuss one brilliantly believable detective
Tuesday 17th August - 19.00 - Reginald Hill - Dalziel & Pascoe writer delivers a pacy psycho-thriller
Tuesday 17th August - 20.00 - Christopher Brookmyre
Tuesday 17th August - 20.30 - Tony Black and Gillian Galbraith - Edinburgh’s mean streets keep bringing out their dead

Thursday 19th August - 15.00 - Quintin Jardine - Edinburgh streets continue to be paved with bodies
Thursday 19th August - 18.30 - Ian Rankin

Friday 20th August - 11.00 - Writing Workshop with Aline Templeton - Crime Writing: Getting Away with Murder
Friday 20th August - 15.30 - Denise Mina - plus Amy Bloom and Alan Warner - with readings of short stories
Friday 20th August - 18.45 - Denise Mina and Stuart MacBride - Glasgow and the Granite City offer up perfect settings for blood-sodden books

Saturday 21st August - 15.30 - Declan Hughes and Stuart Neville - Modern crime novels given an Irish twist

Sunday 22nd August - 18.00 - Karen Campbell and Simon Lelic - Two novelists stretching the boundaries of crime fiction
Sunday 22nd August - 18.30 - Jasper Fforde - A Pythonesque world of glorious technicolour
Sunday 22nd August - 19.00 - Louise Doughty (with Blake Morrison)

Monday - 23rd August - 14.00 - The Writing Business - Making Crime Pay - with Aline Templeton, Lin Anderson and Caroline Dunford
Monday 23rd August - 18.30 - Ian Rankin

Tuesday 24th August - 18.00 - Craig Russell - Digging into Glasgow’s past for a new noir hero
Tuesday 24th August - 20.00 - Alexander McCall Smith - in conversation with Andrew Sachs

Wednesday 25th August - 15.00 - Mark Billingham - Award-winning crime writing from former stand-up comic
Wednesday 25th August - 16.00 - Shona MacLean and Shirley McKay - Two bright new voices in historical fiction
Wednesday 25th August - 19.30 - Alice Thompson (plus Paolo Giordano) - Haunted by a loved one who's gone missing

Thursday 26th August - 16.30 - M J Hyland - A profound and moving portrait of a singular man
Thursday 26th August - 18.45 - Alexander McCall Smith - Sampling the flavours of the No.1 Ladies’ Detective Agency (about food)

Friday 27th August - 11.30 - Joanne Harris - An Audacious Thriller for the Internet Age
Friday 27th August - 13.30 - Alexander McCall Smith - New perspectives on the beloved author’s popular characters
Friday 27th August - 18.45 - Philip Kerr - A detective novel that crosses boundaries

Saturday 28th August - 12.00 - Alexander McCall Smith (for children)
Saturday 28th August - 18.30 - Alexander McCall Smith
Saturday 28th August - 18.45 - Michael Ridpath and Martin Walker - Exposing Fictional Scams in a Corrupt Modern France

Monday 30th August - 10.15 - Louise Welsh - Glasgow writer with a tale of literature, sex and black magic
Monday 30th August - 15.00 - Ian Rankin (talking to Antonia Fraser about her relationship with Harold Pinter)
Monday 30th August - 16.30 - Frederick Forsyth - The war on drugs just got bookish


  1. looks pretty good.
    sadly, 16th august is when schools go back after the holiday, so that messes things up a little on my side.
    advice to all is to book early - things do sell like baked bananas.

  2. What a line up. Sucks to be so far away.

    Thanks for the heads up on Allen Guthrie. Just getting into "Hard Man" and I frikken love it, in the same way I loved "The Big-O". This is the style and crime genre that is my favorite, by far. Going to start "Slammer" tonight. Getting a nice education on Scotland too!

  3. The crime writing workshops by Lin Anderson and Aline Templeton last year were very good.

    Can I mention a few more crime-related events...

    * Joyce Carol Oates on 29th.
    * Alan Bisset with Danish writer Lars Husum on 18th.
    * Laura Marney doing a workshop on 28th.
    * Craig Russell ("Neo-Noir") on 24th.
    * Caroline Dunford, workshop on 17th.
    * Louise Doughty on 22nd.

  4. Nigel - good advice - they certainly do!

    Sean - glad you're enjoying Al's books - he's brilliant.

    Tim - I've added Caroline Dunford and Louise Doughty (I've also added Caroline Dunford to my links list - I wasn't aware of her - thank you!). Unless I'm missing another event I already have Philip Kerr? I toyed with including the other three - along with John Banville - but decided against them as the focus was not crime fiction related (I've not read DEATH OF A LAIES MAN - do you know if it has any crime fiction relatedness?) - I definitely fancy the Alan Bissett event though.

  5. Tim,

    Joyce Carol Oates' "Zombie" is one of my favorites.

  6. The book festival is so good - such a contrast to the fringe. It sounds like the new director has taken up the baton and it should be just as good as ever. Enjoy Edinburgh through Edinburgh Self Catering

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