Tuesday 15 June 2010

Mackerels to the Shovel

Tim reminds me that the Edinburgh Book Festival programme is announced on Thursday (thanks Tim!).

L'Express parle avec Philip Kerr. Which means that I get to experience the joys of Babelfish again, which tells me that "Of book in book, one will have known all during this attractive plunged in the middle of the system national-Socialist: rise of the Nazism, preparation of the OJ of Berlin, agreements of Munich and the Night of crystal, Heydrich, Himmler and Goering, Berlin in ruin and occupied Vienna, but also of voluptuous prostitutes, mackerels to the shovel, the mafiosi, the spies, the dispensers of justice… and Bernhard Gunther, of course." Mackerels to the shovel? How lovely. Sadly, I do believe it means, instead "pimps by the shedload" Much less intriguing.

Karen Campbell's SHADOWPLAY is Books From Scotland's Book of the Month. Nice one Karen!

Earth Times looks at a new book about the locations that inspired Sherlock Holmes.

Louise Welsh will be chatting to Laura Marney (author of the wonderful NOBODY LOVES A GINGER BABY) on 17th September

The always excellent Barry Forshaw reviews Christopher Brookmyre's PANDAEMONIUM, while Mystica reviews Peter Turnbull's INFORMED CONSENT and Brandy Purdy looks at Louise Welsh's TAMBURLAINE MUST DIE.

And the lovely Lisa-Marie Ferla, guest-posting over at Do Some Damage has very nice things to say about the brilliant Helen Fitzgerald, as well as some old dog who is in great company. Thank you Lis.


  1. That was a great guest-post on Do Some Damage, both on Bloody Women and Old Dogs! I've only read one Fitzgerald, but another sits on my bookshelf and screams at me-and I want to read it! Your book Old Dogs, is just what the blogger says-wonderful! Glaswegian terms, people, and Glasgow places are so well done, and though I need a translator for some of the terms, I have a good idea those Old Dogs and the other characters know the meaning, ha. They are classy ladies in motorcycle boots doing uh...slightly? illegal things, with great style. And agree--it is a very visual book both in plot and characters and setting--it would be a great film! in my not very humble opinion. :-)

    Thanks for pointing me to this blog. And from last Sunday here, the Denise Mina one too--she's a Wee Cheeky Cow! as it says in the title of that interview. :-) Glasgow is quite a place, and has some excellent writers! again, in my not very humble opinion. ;-)


  2. Bobbie - thanks for your comment and you know I'm well chuffed you enjoyed Old Dogs :o) And get reading another Helen Fitzgerald! She's brilliant.