Tuesday 1 June 2010

The Plumber Reviews...

My Dad has now decided to open my blog up further on the reviewing front. In the comments section of the previous post he says "The Mermaids Singing I passed on to the Electrician who came to fit a new light in the hall. 'Oh!' he said 'I haven't read that one, I like Val McDermid' so maybe I will get him to do a review sometime." So there you go. That blog feature will no longer be called My Dad Reviews, but My Dad's Electrician Reviews.

A review of Alexander McCall Smith's No 1 Ladies Detective Agency. And he's appearing at the Vancouver International Writers' Festival in August.

Alex Gray talks to the Glasgow Herald about her health. While Suite 101 reviews GLASGOW KISS.

Louise Welsh is appearing at the Mitchell Library on 17th June as part of Refugee Week.

A few reviews for this round-up - Pat McIntosh's HARPER'S QUINE, Alexander McCall Smith's DOUBLE COMFORT SAFARI CLUB, and Lin Anderson's FINAL CUT and a lovely review of OLD DOGS over at Crimesquad. Thank you guys!

Whoops - Philip Kerr bites back after receiving bad reviews from Scottish writer Allan Massie. And here he is talking to German TV about his books.

And finally, a report from Aberdeen's Word Festival. And on a (fruitless) search of the Internet for William McIlvanney's Frankenstein's monster meets drunk Glaswegian poem, I found this interesting article on the roots of Scottish noir.


  1. I find it oddly disturbing the way the Alex Gray piece seques neatly from "If you can read, you can cook ..." into "Five Ways to Kill A Man by Alex Gray is published by ...."

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