Thursday, 3 June 2010

I WILL Catch Up Eventually

Karen Campbell's Anna Cameron series could be coming to TV and she wants it to be more like The Wire than Taggart.

A review of Philip Kerr's IF THE DEAD RISE NOT and more on Reviewgate.

There's an extra-special Rebus Tour in Edinburgh this Friday to mark the 10th Anniversary of the tour and to raise money for charity. Ian Rankin points out on Twitter that he's not actually leading the tour. It looks from the article as though he will be in the pub afterwards though to talk to fans. And Maxine over at Petrona reviews Ian Rankin's THE COMPLAINTS.

And in Fife, as part of National Crime Fiction Week, you can meet Aline Templeton, Karen Campbell and Gillian Galbraith.

I'm still catching up with my favourite blogs after Alaska, so here's a great post on modern noir from Heath Lowrance over at Psycho-Noir. And Russel McLean has a round-up of some very mouthwatering books for the summer at Crime Scene Scotland. Colin Cotterill is one of the funniest men on the planet, and here are two posts over at International Crime Authors to read if you are feeling any shade of blue.


  1. Do you think if I murdered Ian Rankin I'd get a TV series out of it? Maybe during the book tour, add a little postmodern flavour to the violence.

    Hate to nag by the way, but your "currently listening to" needs updating. Hop to it!

  2. M.J. - Consider me chastised and hopped :o) And I'm not sure Ian Rankin would be too keen on your idea...