Monday 28 June 2010

If You Ask Me, We Need More Donkeys

An interview with Stuart MacBride over at HorrorScope.

Ian Rankin says that he wants a more hands-on role in film/TV casting in the future.

An in-depth look at Philip Kerr's Bernie Gunther series.

A Sherlock Holmes conference - if you missed it, you need to wait 16 years for the next one.

Craig Russell is one of this year's Waterstone's Fresh Blood campaign.

A reminder of the book launch for Tony Black's new book LONG TIME DEAD, this Thursday.

A review of Alexander McCall Smith's DOUBLE COMFORT SAFARI CLUB, while the Botswanan MmegiOnline finds his author photo 'a bit jarring'.

Canongate and the University of Dundee create a living archive.

The cover of Allan Guthrie's SLAMMER wins an award. And the words inside should get one too, in my opinion.

The List reviews Alice Thompson's THE EXISTENTIAL DETECTIVE.

Today brought a nice wee haul of books - Ken Bruen's SANCTUARY, Angela Choi's HELLO KITTY MUST DIE (which starts with the wonderful first line "It all started with my missing hymen") and REQUIEMS FOR THE DEPARTED a collection of short stories inspired by Irish mythology and featuring such luminaries as Ken Bruen, Stuart Neville, Tony Black, Adrian McKinty, Maxim Jakubowski and Brian McGilloway. It's edited by Gerard Brennan and Mike Stone and looks great. Ah, isn't it wonderful to have such a decision to make about what to read next?

And, finally, apparently submitting a crime novel for the Booker is seen as akin to "putting a donkey into the Grand National". Harrrrummmmmph. Bring on the donkeys, I say.

And here's a gratuitous picture of a couple of donkeys.



  1. Delighted to see the cover of Slammer getting some well-deserved recognition. I only wish my copy looked like that - the keys of the UK print don't do it for me in the same way. Regardless of the dressing, it's a brilliant book. If you haven't been there, go (if you think you're hard enough).

  2. Nigel - I'll second that - it's a fantastic book - Al's best yet (and that's saying something!) And I have a copy of both the UK and US versions :o) )

  3. Just a quick, timely, note that Alice Thompson is at Blackwells in Edinburgh tonight (6:30pm), reading from her new book.