Sunday, 13 June 2010

A Slew of News, Reviews and Interviews

Dear Scotland has an interesting interview with Christopher Brookmyre. And there's a fun one with Denise Mina at Powells Books, and a conversation with Alexander McCall Smith at The Atlantic. And Ian Rankin on youtube as part of the Edinburgh Reads programme.

Karen Campbell's SHADOWPLAY gets a nice - and well-deserved - review in The Times. And AFTER THE FIRE gets a rave review over at Eurocrime.

Stuart MacBride's DARK BLOOD is reviewed in the Huddersfield Examiner. Talking of Stuart MacBride he's appearing with Mark Billingham in Manchester onAugust 19th.

The Curious Book Fans Blog very much enjoyed Val McDermid's FEVER OF THE BONE. And Falcata Times loved Craig Robertson's RANDOM.

The Quintin Jardine literary tour around Edinburgh.

The Independent looks at the early years of Sherlock Holmes.

Some Scottish authors on the shortlists for the Barry awards. Congratulations to everyone on the lists.

And, finally, thank you to Library Journal and Shelf Awareness. Goodness me. I'm totally stunned, and well chuffed. What a lovely weekend. In celebration, we bought tickets to see Grinderman at the Barrowlands in September and the very funny Micky Flanagan at the Edinburgh Fringe in August. Life is good.


  1. Donna, I am well chuffed about Library Journal and Shelf Awareness, also...though certainly not stunned. I've read it, and totally agree, it's as good as they say! :-) You're a funny lady, and I mean that in a nice way. :-) Where is your mind?!!?!? :-)

    Quick comment-I wrote down the terms that I didn't understand, some Glaswegian slang terms and definitions. There is no Glasgow to Illinois cornfields translation appendix, anywhere in Old Dogs. So how can we learn what these words mean? I am sure it adds to the story. Is there such thing as a Glasgow Dictionary? :-)

    The copy I read is the UK version---GREAT COVER! gets good comments everywhere I go, when I take it to read while waiting such as laundrymat and drinking coffee at coffee shop. Will the US version still have those terms, or are they being American-ized? Would be a shame, hope it's the same! I just need to find out what they mean before I use them in sentences, here. I'm considered quirky already, these will add to the fun. :-) Eejit and Numpty, I know, and this is me, going off to look up some Glaswegian terms. Ta

    oh p.s., thanks for the other links in this post, loved the Mina! That Wee Cheeky Cow! :-)

  2. Bobbie - thank you me dear! You're a sweetheart :o) And as for the Glasgow slang - just ask away :o) I laughed that you know Eejit and Numpty since I know you have the mugs to prove it!