Tuesday, 10 November 2009

Authors Talking - Here, There and Everywhere

Aly Monroe on answering questions, publishing and reviews.

Advance warning of Ian Rankin at The Edinburgh Bookshop on 11 January 2010, talking about "the books that made me."

M C Beaton in...errrrr...somewhere they publish The Southern Daily Echo on November 24th (probably Winchester, having done a bit of Miss Marpl-ish sleuthing).

Philip Kerr recycles a speech from better times.

A very interesting article on Waterstone's, and the future of publishing, including this bit:
"Hamilton cites the example of the crime novelist Ian Rankin: "Rankin was selling nothing at all for the first few novels he wrote, but publishers knew he would take off and so they kept with him. The opportunity isn't there to do that any more because sales are so low that you lose too much money initially, even if you make money later. That old, very successful business model doesn't make sense any more. Thanks to the prevailing way in which books are sold there would be no new Rankin."

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