Thursday 12 November 2009

There's Been A Murrrrrrrrrderrrrrrrrrrrrrr

What fun this will be - Edinburgh's Rebus and Glasgow's Taggart will investigate a murder at Harthill (on the border between West Lothian and North Lanarkshire, half way between Glasgow and Edinburgh) in a one-off spoof for Children In Need on 20th November.

As Botswana becomes a tourist destination thanks to the No. 1 Ladies Detective Agency, British Columbia's Tri-City news looks at fictional Africa, including Alexander McCall Smith. And McCall Smith talks about the inspiration for Mma Ramotswe in Otto Penzler's THE LINEUP, in which "the world's greatest crime writers tell the inside story of their greatest detectives."

Carol Anne Davis on anti-social behaviour.

I've mentioned this before but if you like crime fiction and forensic science this is the event for you.

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  1. Oh, Donna, this sounds like so much fun!! Wish I could be there!