Sunday 15 November 2009

Dodgy Tummies and Saucy Slippers

Well, what a lovely weekend. First of all Friday spent with the gorgeous (on all levels) Christa Faust. The day included a bus tour on an open-topped bus (Glasgow, November - need I say more?), a trip to Glasgow's wonderful Necropolis, the weirdest and least scary horror exhibition in the world (I am probably the only person who has ever screamed there, and that's only because Christa came up behind me when I wasn't expecting it). The scariest thing about it was that it was located in a street the taxi driver didn't want to go down - we practically had to jump out of the taxi while he was still driving.

And I really wasn't trying to get my own back on Christa for making me walk 40 miles in Indianapolis in high heels. There was also an evening of good friends (big hugs to Christa, Charles, Kieran and Ewan), great chat, and good food.

Christa, sadly, was not able to appreciate the food as she was feeling slightly dodgy following a vegetarian meal the night before with the World's Most Dangerous Vegetarian, Allan Guthrie.

I always knew lettuce was bad for you. Christa should have stuck to deep fried pizza and haggis. As the pharmacist said when we went into Boots The Chemist to get her some medicine "Remember, Edinburgh made you sick, Glasgow made you better." Ah, Scotland's east/west rivalry is a marvellous thing.

Christa was a real trouper. She was great company and great fun despite feeling really rough.

And Christa knows me too well. This was her gift to me. Delicious.

Then last night we went to see the film Up which was wonderful. Funny, touching and totally delightful.

And now, a wee round up of some Scottish crime fiction news.

First of all, the Telegraph rounds up the 100 books which have defined the noughties (for better or worse), including a fair smattering of crime fiction and a couple of Scots.

Sherlock Holmes movie blog launched.

A review of Sue Walker's THE BURNING in Bookmunch.

A catch up of Alexander McCall Smith's 44 SCOTLAND STREET in The Scotsman (for Barbara).

Iain Banks on the question of legalising drugs.

And finally, to celebrate Robert Louis Stevenson's birthday, an online archive of all his works, plus "extracts of little-known poetry, letters, rarely seen family photographs and his observations on friends, family and favourite authors."


  1. Flat lace-ups, Donna! Why don't you listen?

  2. Bookwitch - but...but...I just bought the most delicious new pair of 20 hole Docs too - so I do have both :o)

    Chris - cheers!

  3. Why is everything in that second picture leaning decidedly to the left? Including Christa?

    I thought this wasn't a political blog. ;)

  4. And the shoes are from Fredrick's! What fun.

  5. I am disappointed in this post, Donna. When I looked at the title on FF, I thought it said 'Doggy', not 'Dodgy'. I had the idea we were to be given info on new techniques for tickling the tum-tums of our beloved best friends, and perhaps ways of making our leisure footwear into tastier snacks for them when we are out or unobservant. However, I do see herein a few tips re tickling Christa Faust's tummy. That could come in useful.

  6. John - it's because my photography skills are slightly (understatement of the year) lacking

    DJ - isn't that great?! That shoe box is now prominently displayed in my boudoir :o)

    Philip - please accept my profuse apologies for the disappointment you suffered - I will try and do better next time...