Sunday, 22 November 2009

Deep Frying The Evidence

Digital pirates now moving in to the high seas of the book world.

A report on the Genomics Forum's forensic science and crime fiction event with Lin Anderson and Ian Rankin. And one on The Edinburgh Bookshop's event with Aly Monroe.

Taggart v Rebus on Friday night's Children In Need. "I'll keep an eye on her, make sure she doesn't deep fry the evidence." Good stuff.

Scotland's most prestigious book award shunning crime fiction writers?

Val McDermid in the Irish Independent, talking about that spat, crime writing, and football.

Irvine Welsh backs minimum alcohol pricing.

And, finally, this is the reason I don't write sex scenes (plus, my Mum would never speak to me again.) Serendipitously, a reminder in an interesting column in the Sunday Independent by D J Taylor that Scottish crime fiction author Philip Kerr won the award in 1995 for a passage in his science fiction novel GRIDIRON and slagged off the judges in his acceptance speech (I particularly like the reaction of the Frenchwoman to Philip Hook's telling her that he had won the Bad Sex Award).


  1. Thanks for that link to Rebus and Co! I don't watch enough television.

  2. It was rather funny wasn't it?!