Thursday 5 November 2009

Link Miscellany While Drinking a Dirty Martini

So please excuse any typos...

Craig Sisterson interviews Liam McIlvanney in New Zealand's Weekend Herald.

Tony Black on his excellent Gus Dury series in the Inverness Courier.

This looks fascinating - a joint forensic science and crime fiction event in Edinburgh on 18th November talking about how genetic science is used by contemporary crime writers.

A case of true crime from the Scottish Highlands, with a foreword by Val McDermid.

More of Alexander McCall Smith's 44 SCOTLAND STREET in The Scotsman.

Bookhugger interviews Aly Monroe amongst others.

Rob Kitchin reviews Philip Kerr's IF THE DEAD RISE NOT. As does The Telegraph.


  1. Interesting links, but what I want to know is: what did you put in that martini?

    Or didn´t you wash the glas?

  2. Must be a new drink that we've not heard of, Dorte. A Glaswegian speciality, or something. Not that I've heard of very much at all, of course.

  3. LOL at Glaswegian speciality and not washing the glass :o)

    It has some of the briny stuff that olives come in - just gives that extra added olive taste.

  4. Not washing the glass - I think I could live up to that.

  5. Hmm, Don't tell Mum, I have been known to have the odd Martini without the additives, I think it was called Gin in those days. It never gave me a headache, like Brandy or that Scottish falling over water.