Sunday 8 November 2009

Sunday Sinning and Afternoon Tea

Last night we went through to Edinburgh to the theatre to see an adaptation of James Hogg's 1824 novel THE PRIVATE MEMOIRS AND CONFESSIONS OF A JUSTIFIED SINNER which is all about a man who is raised by his ultra-pious mother and her ...ahem...'spiritual adviser' - the Reverend Wringhim - to believe that he is one of 'the elect' and, as such, that he is predestined for salvation - no matter what he does. Egged on by a mysterious stranger called Gil-Martin - who can change his appearance at will - he tests out the idea that "a justified person can do no wrong." An excellent tale of good and evil, and a wonderful production.

Alexander McCall Smith supports a new tea with an original short story in each pack. And Mma Ramotswe relaxes with one of my favourites - rooibos tea.

Three days left to listen to Christopher Brookmyre on BBC Radio Scotland.

TV for Tuesday has a one-off mockumentary drama, set in the exciting world of darts, co-written and directed by Irvine Welsh. And, talking of Irvine Welsh, he will be appearing in Australia at Adelaide Writers' Week from February 28th 2010.

Jason Pinter blogs at The Huffington Post on the state of the crime novel. Mentions of Scottish authors, plus several of the wonderful Busted Flush Press.

And Philip Kerr hates the Olymic Games (bottom of article).

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