Monday, 16 November 2009

Some Well-Deserved Good Words

A rather spiffing review of Helen FitzGerald's BLOODY WOMEN which says, in part "So this novel has it all – thriller, drama, whodunit, comedy, great characters and good humour."

And Brian over at BSC Review reviews Allan Guthrie's SLAMMER, saying "When we speak of those on the forefront of dark fiction; those whose work scares people at a fundamental level; and those whose work we are hard pressed to try to define and pigeon hole, but can’t, Guthrie’s name is near the top of the list, and Slammer proves why." Niiiiiiiiiiiice.

And more reviews - Alexander McCall Smith's THE LOST ART OF GRATITUDE in the Winston-Salem Journal and Iain Banks TRANSITION at Cultural Pilgrim.

In other news - Tony Black - one of my favourite authors - on one of his big influences, (another favourite of mine) Ken Bruen over at the always excellent blog of Paul Brazill. "It wasn't, for me, the story, - not the story alone, anyway - but the sheer power of the writing. It was like being engulfed by a tsunami of talent - a writer with so many skills that the pages, every one of them, contained moments of breathtaking beauty, flights of linguistic gymnastics and...real heart." Totally agree Tony old fruit.

Ian Rankin chooses his 'best books'.

Russel McLean and GJ Moffatt in pictures.