Tuesday, 3 November 2009

It's All About Ian Rankin (Except For The Bits That Aren't)

As Philip Kerr wins the CWA's Historical Dagger award, Rob Kitchin reviews IF THE DEAD RISE NOT, and Norm from Crimescraps with a very interesting post reviewing the reviewers on the same book.

The Canadian Chronicle Herald reviews Ian Rankin's THE COMPLAINTS. And, talking of Mr Rankin, read the transcript of a chat with him at Toronto's IFOA. And the Malaysian Insider on Rebus and Fox. Closer to home, a report on Ian's appearance at the Biggar Little Festival.

And, talking of the Toronto International Festival of Authors, he's not a crime writer, but here's a Q&A with Alan Bissett, author of the brilliant THE INCREDIBLE ADAM SPARK. And one with Martin McIntyre who, when asked what it is in Scotland's water that means there are such a lot of crime fiction writers coming out of Scotland says "A darkness."

I just received a copy of this today. Stories from some great Scottish writers (Lin Anderson, Ray Banks, Christopher Brookmyre, Karen Campbell, Gillian Galbraith, Alex Gray, Allan Guthrie, Stuart MacBride, G J Moffat, Louise Welsh, with an introduction by Ian Rankin) and all proceeds to Victim Support Scotland. Looks good.


  1. Hah, I've not had time to read the last story collection for charity that you recommended. How can there be another one?

  2. I'm afraid there is, and it's a good one. A review is going up later:o)