Thursday, 20 August 2009

A Hotch Potch of Links

Off to see Teenage Fanclub this evening so here's a link-y melange.

The Guardian on the Hard Case Crime Arthur Conan Doyle forthcoming THE VALLEY OF FEAR.

Part 2 of Christopher Brookmyre's football article. And, continuing the football theme, Val McDermid sponsors a stand at Raith Rovers.

An excellent and thought-provoking article on the drug deaths of the Trainspotting generation.

The split personality of Iain Banks - his next book TRANSITION, will be published in the UK under the Iain Banks name, and in the US under his more sci-fi Iain M Banks name. And, talking of Iain Banks, the Mirror blogger enjoyed his appearance at the Edinburgh Book Festival, but doesn't mince his words on another event he went to see!

Good news for Ian Rankin and Orion on the sales front.

More news on the new Sherlock Holmes film.

A brief review of Christopher Brookmyre's PANDAEMONIUM - which is described as 'shoot 'em up science fiction'. Hmmmm


  1. The Mirror blogger link is missing a final "L" (.html rather than .htm)

    ... pure mince.

  2. Cheers Tim! Sorted. I tried to fix that 4 times :o)

  3. That review on Brookmyre perplexed me a little. Personally I thought Pandaemonium was bloody brilliant, but knew the SF move would alienate some readers because, ya know, you can't jump genres and use the same name, oh no. And the "shoot em up" stuff is an extension of things he's done before (A Big Boy Did It and Ran Away) but is actually far more justified here if you ask me. Plus I found the ranting and exposition on the light side compared to some past efforts, so I guess it shows different strokes for different folks. Or something.

  4. Indeed it does Russel - I know that I am looking forward to reading it - and even more after YOUR review!