Tuesday, 11 August 2009

Holy Mortarbards, Batman!

Glasgow crime writer Alex Gray does some detective work to uncover the 'bible of Scottish cuisine'. "Though controversial recipes such as sheep's head broth have been relegated to the introduction because of changes to health and safety laws, and shifting public taste, the editors promise that fans of the original will not be disappointed." Presumably that means that sheep's head broth has been replaced by deep fried Mars Bar.

Iain Banks TRANSITION will be serialised internationally on iTunes as a free podcast, starting on September 3rd. *UPDATE* (the comments section at the link to the Bookseller article talks about TRANSITION not being the first - thanks to Mack for the link).

An interview with Robert Downey Jr, Rachel McAdams, Joel Silver and Susan Downey about the new Sherlock Holmes film.

Tom Morton's SERPENTINE reviewed in the Highland News.

An audio interview with Denise Mina.

I don't know how close this is to completion but Johnny Borrell of Razorlight, Robert Carlyle and somebody called Colin (reports vary as to whether it's Firth or Farrell - which makes me even more dubious about the whole thing) will apparently star in Irvine Welsh's film THE MEAT TRADE. I won't hold my breath.

Edinburgh Napier University is to include graphic novels in its Masters Degree, and the University of Dundee will teach comics as part of its English degree. Guest lecturers will include Ian Rankin.


  1. Re Iain Banks podcast of TRANSITION. There were some sharp words spoken regarding the publisher hype about this event.
    Podcast authors who have been doing this for years and not abridged and simultaneous with print took exception that this was new and groundbreaking.

  2. Mack - I was sceptical myself at the comment that it was the first to be released simultaneously. Thanks for that!