Tuesday, 25 August 2009

'More Asbos Than Yer Maw'

GUTTER - A new literary magazine for Scotland. Excellent news - I hope it does really well - I have just subscribed, so will let you know if there is any crime fiction content.

William McIlvanney at the Edinburgh Book Festival.

Aren't there a lot of literary festivals these days? Here's one at the University of East Anglia at the end of September, with Alexander McCall Smith along with some other illustrious names.

A very nice review of Ray Banks' SATURDAY'S CHILD by The Thriller Guy.

Jay Stringer with an excellent double review of Al Guthrie's SLAMMER and KILLING MUM.

Russel McLean reveals the cover of his forthcoming book - THE LOST SISTER. I love that cover. Not sure if that's the Forth Bridge, but if it is I'm supposed to be abseiling off that in October (Dad, don't tell Mum).

And I'm sure Russel didn't have anything to do with this, but his local police force's website was hacked and...well...covered in graffiti by the 'Paisley Young Team' who, apparently, have 'more asbos than yer maw'.


  1. Donna, Donna, Donna... Its the Tay Rail Bridge .. The one we built that kept standing of course, not the other one.

  2. I will have to think about that "don't tell mum" bit
    What did you say you were buying me for Xmas?

  3. Russel - whoops - I never said I was good at geography. Or bridges :o)

    Dad - oh - you're eeeeeeeevil. What would you like?