Sunday, 30 August 2009

Sunday, Sunday

As Ian Rankin's new book, THE COMPLAINTS comes out, here are a couple of articles and reviews.

Hugh Andrew and Denise Mina on James Kelman's snide comments on crime fiction. If only Kelman had expressed himself as well as Hugh Andrew... And more here. And here he is on youtube wondering when you last saw a 'proper writer' on television.

Somehow, I don't think John Nicholson of The Mirror liked the Edinburgh Book Festival.

Catriona McPherson takes up ballroom dancing at the Wigtown Book Festival.

The Independent reviews Iain Banks' TRANSITION. And The Edinburgh Evening News interviews Christopher Brookmyre.

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  1. Crikey. Any other readers out there who feel utterly patronised by Denise Mina?

    Cheers, Dec