Monday, 3 August 2009

Royalty, Celebrity and Dodgy Politicans

Scotland is set to get a literacy tsar to try and encourage more young people to read. Let's hope none of them turns out to be Rasputin.

A review of Ian Rankin's comic book DARK ENTRIES - "an intriguing mix of pulp mystery, supernatural suspense, and celebrity culture parody"- it's about the supernatural murder of a contestant on a Big Brother-like reality TV gameshow.

In these troubled times when you can't trust a politician not to use your hard earned cash to clean out his moat or put up a chandelier in the loo, I think I'll pick my next MP by the book he reads on his summer holidays. Crime fiction features in the form of Ian Rankin, Lee Child, Reginald Hill and Stieg Larsson. Nobody mentioned Jeffrey Archer's HONOUR AMONG THIEVES. I wonder why.


  1. "Reg" will be pleased with Stieg Larsson's popularity, but I have serious doubts that our MPs have the ability to concentrate that long, it is over 500 pages.

  2. Off subject, but I heard on NPR radio today that a food historian has uncovered evidence that haggis might have originated in England. I'm sure this is a base canard, but how are people over there handling this stunning announcement? And how soon will this be turned into a mystery novel?

  3. Norm - I think they pick something that will make them sound either erudite or a man of the people. They're not actually going to READ it :o)

    Jerry - cheers for your comment - on or off subject are both good :o) You would think that no one would rush to claim something made of a sheep's heart, liver and lungs and cooked in a sheep's stomach wouldn't you? In the words of Mel Gib...errr...William Wallace "You can take our haggis, but you can never take our freedom." As long as no one else claims the deep fried snickers bar we'll stay calm.