Monday, 17 August 2009

It's all about the Edinburgh Book Festival

A lovely, enthusiastic, funny article about the joys of the Edinburgh Book Festival, and of books in general.

If you're at a loose end during the Book Festival, you could do worse than to get yourself along to Underword, where there is a free spoken word event each evening. Two events look particularly interesting - Newbie Night on Wednesday 19th - I don't know whether any of the performances are crime fiction related, I only know that Andy Jamieson who is reading from his recently completed fantasy/SF novel aimed at teens upwards. None of them have read their work in public before - should be nervewracking. The other event is Word Dogs (which is normally based in Glasgow) on Friday 21st where Alastair Sim (whose Victorian detective novel THE UNBELIEVERS is set in Edinburgh) is performing.

Ian Rankin is twittering (tweeting?) the Edinburgh Festival - @Beathhigh. Excellent stuff.

A round-up of several book festival events including Kate Atkinson.

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