Sunday, 23 August 2009

Sunday Scattershot

Kate Atkinson at the Edinburgh BookFestival. And, more from the Festival the lovely Bookwitch on Ian Rankin, Val McDermid and Denise Mina. And more on Ian Rankin and Neil Gaiman. And Ian Rankin in the dark. What am I going to do after the book festival has finished? I will be stuck for words.

And more Ian Rankin - this time on films. I love his answer to number 10.

Writer's block hits empty office. What a brilliant idea.

The Glasgow Herald on killing off favourite characters.

Dundee author Russel McLean will be talking with top selling true crime writer Alexander McGregor. Fact, fiction and everything in between will be being discussed at 7pm on 24 September at the Tower Building at the University of Dundee. Tickets can be bought from Waterstones, 35 Commercial Street, Dundee for £3. Call 01382 200322 for tickets. Here's an interview with Russel on his writing habits.

William MacIlvanney turns down an OBE.

And finally, my Dad wants you all to know that "I have just finished reading the second of my library books, just to show you that I do not limit my reading to books that contain dwarves and elves." I think the subtext there is that he feels I am maligning him and that if I do not stop he will tell my moter Bad Things about me. But maybe I'm just reading too much into it. Anyway, the book in question was SAIL by James Patterson. It sounds like a plot and a half from what he says, but he concludes that, although there were a lot of unexplained happenings, he still thought it was a good read. With no elves. Happy now, pater?

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