Sunday, 16 August 2009

Lazy Sunday Afternoon Round-Up

William McIlvanney's son, Liam, publishes his debut novel ALL THE COLOURS OF THE TOWN - a thriller about sectarianism, set in Glasgow and Belfast. Looks interesting

The List asks Helen Fitzgerald Five Questions, and also reminds me that she and Karen Campbell are appearing at the Edinburgh Book Festival on 22nd August. Hmmmmm...I might actually make that event, assuming it's not sold out. And for those of a gentler disposition than me, The Mulgray Twins and Alanna Knight are appearing the next day. This article will tell you everything you need to know about the Mulgray Twins brand of crime fiction.

And, talking of the Edinburgh Book Festival, it seems that Scottish authors are a big draw. While the BBC reports that more than a third of the 700 events are sold out.

A new Scotland on Sunday anthology called HEADSHOOK, which challenged 24 Scottish writers to write stories on the theme of Scotland's future.

Edinburgh band St Jude's Infirmary release their second album This Has Been The Death Of Us on August 22nd, and it features vocals from Ian Rankin. I'm excited to hear the new one as I really loved their first album Happy Healthy Lucky Month. I usually like faster, punkier stuff, but they are an excellent band. Check this one out. Or this one, which is slightly more upbeat.

And, finally, the whole 'a family that reviews together, stays together' thing might be oot the windae - my Mum rang me earlier to tell me off for 'making' her read all of two pages of one of the books I sent her for review. Whoops.


  1. Laidlaw is one of my absolute all-time favourites- I still have a copy of the original hardback somewhere. If McIlvanney Jr is anywhere near as good it will be a treat indeed! Looking forward to your review. (Or your Dad's!).

  2. It's been ages since I read a Laidlaw and I need to read another one - but I love the series. The Liam McIlvanney sounds intriguing and it's on my To Be Bought Sooner Rather Than Later list!

  3. That's a good day for Edinburgh, you know...

  4. Ta for the info. I wondered if there was a link between William and Liam McIllvanney but was too lazy to find out for myself. Liam McIllvanney is coming to Belfast on the 26th. I'll have to try and read All The Colours of the Town before then.



  5. All the Colours of the Town was already on my "to buy" list - it was recommended by one of my journalism blog reads, looks great and fascinating subject.

  6. Bookwitch - I'm definitely coming through that day - it's just a question of working out exactly when and for how long!

    Gerard and LYG - I would be very interested to hear both your thoughts on it - it looks very promising and I'm definitely going to buy it.