Wednesday, 19 August 2009

A Plethora of Interviews

BBC Radio's Front Row programme last night featured three crime writers who set their books in Glasgow - Denise Mina, Caro Ramsay and Craig Russell - interviewed by the always excellent Mark Lawson. You can listen to the programme here and hear their reasons for loving writing about Glasgow, how they're not worried about ever running out of ideas (Glasgow has around 60 murders a year, compared to Edinburgh's 3, according to Denise Mina), and how Glaswegians seem to be pedantic and obsessive about their city being described correctly (Caro talks about a reader who drives around the locations in her books and lets her know if she gets it wrong!)

Ian Rankin's Book Festival event gets a fair amount of press as he talks about his new detective, Malcolm Fox, in THE COMPLAINTS. And there is good news for fans of Siobhan.

An interview with Ross Bradshaw of Five Leaves Publishing - the mastermind behind the marvellous Crime Express series.

The Scotsman has an interview with Clio Gray.

A great article about Philip Kerr's 1930s Berlin set Bernie Gunther series, including an audio piece.

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