Sunday, 2 August 2009

Sleepy Sunday Summary

An excellent and hilarious interview with Allan Guthrie and Ray Banks in Pulp Pusher. And a top-notch review of Mr Guthrie's SLAMMER from The Drowning Man.

Fleshmarket Close gets an unattractive makeover - Edinburgh's streets are teeming with rubbish and the festival hasn't even started yet. Maybe Ian Rankin could use his new position as judge for the Sunday Times Scotland essay writing competition (which aims to promote political debate amongst young people and improve political accountability) could come up with some ideas to resolve the rubbish crisis. And when he's not dipping his toes into politics, he's being a rock star. And, talking of the marvellous Mr Rankin - a review of the short story collection CRIMESPOTTING, set in Edinburgh.

William McIlvanney makes Newsweek's 10 Favourite Crime novels. And he joins a campaign to save the Johnnie Walker whisky plant in Kilmarnock.

David Peace, who will be appearing at the Edinburgh Book Festival, talks to The Scotsman. And you can win tickets from The Big Issue to see David Peace, Irvine Welsh and others.

A great interview with Robert Downey Jr and Rachel McAdams on the forthcoming Sherlock Holmes film.

And finally, in true crime news, a new Tesco Express supermarket has opened up near me. This is great news as it means I can now get fresh fruit and veg from 6am until midnight. What do you mean "Come off it, tubby"? OK, OK, I can now get cake and chocolate from 6am until midnight. Happy now? Anyway, I was in there today buying...errrrr...cherries and blackberries (encased in chocolate cake) and enthusing over the fact that they were now in the neighbouhood. The checkout guy raised his eyebrows and said "Yeah, you and the junkies and the neds. They think it's Christmas. We're losing vast amounts of steak, cheese and washing powder." He nodded casually towards the door. "And there goes one now." I turned to see a ned running out of the door with a big box of Daz tucked into his shell suit top. From his awkward gait, I can only assume that his shell suit bottoms contained a couple of T-Bones and half a pound of brie.

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